At U.S. contest, may the smelliest sneaker win

Yesterday at 7:37pm
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Seven young contestants from around the United States put their best and smelliest shoe forward at the 42nd National Rotten Sneaker Contest in New York City on Tuesday.

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22 Mar 2017

Senegal Islamic channel blames 'criminal act' for porn broadcast

DAKAR (Reuters) - A Senegalese Islamic channel shocked viewers with half an hour of hardcore pornography in the middle of the day, in what the TV station on Wednesday attributed to a "criminal act".

21 Mar 2017

'You know there's crocs there' says teen bitten after jumping in river

(Reuters) - An Australian teenager who was bitten by a crocodile when he jumped into a river in northern Queensland on a dare is now recovering in hospital and looking forward to a date with the British backpacker he was trying to impress.

20 Mar 2017

Patriots star's missing Super Bowl jersey recovered in Mexico

BOSTON (Reuters) - The football jersey that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wore in last month's Super Bowl victory in Houston, Texas, which disappeared hours after the stunning come-from-behind win, has been found in Mexico, the National Football League and police said Monday.

16 Mar 2017

New Zealand police shoot dog delaying flights at Auckland

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Flights from New Zealand's Auckland Airport are returning to schedule after a runaway dog near the tarmac was shot dead by police because it was delaying planes taking off.

16 Mar 2017

Jack Russell Olly gains viral status after going off course at Crufts

LONDON (Reuters) - Forget the top "Best in Show" prize, Olly the Jack Russell has gained his own celebrity status at Britain's Crufts dogs show after enthusiastically going off course and even falling flat on his face during the agility round of last week's competition.

13 Mar 2017

With poles between their legs, players compete in British Quidditch Cup

(Reuters) - With poles instead of broomsticks between their legs, competitors battle it out in a sport usually reserved for witches and wizards and described by one enthusiastic participant as "organized chaos".

11 Mar 2017

Bear shot dead at German zoo after escaping from cage

BERLIN (Reuters) - A brown bear broke out of its cage at a zoo in northern Germany on Saturday and was shot dead by a zoo keeper after shocked visitors were led to safety, police said.

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