Bladerunners: UK lawnmowers in 12-hour endurance race

on August 14th, 2017, 4:21pm
FIVE OAKS, England (Reuters) - Drivers donned their suits and climbed into their cockpits at the weekend for a 12-hour endurance race with a difference: they weren't driving rallying cars, but lawnmowers.

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14 Aug 2017

Boris in Union Jack underpants? Musical comedy finds the fun in Brexit

EDINBURGH (Reuters) - A retelling of Britain's vote to leave the European Union and its dramatic political consequences might perhaps be framed as high drama or extreme farce.

10 Aug 2017

Sick of congested roads, German man swims to work

MUNICH (Reuters) - Fed-up with the grind of taking a bus or bike to work every day on congested streets in Munich, Benjamin David started swimming there instead.

8 Aug 2017

Low-crime Singapore investigating man after toothpicks found in bus seat

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - A 60-year-old Singaporean man is under investigation for inserting toothpicks into a seat on a public bus, a suspected case of "mischief" that could put him behind bars for up to two years, the police said on Tuesday.

8 Aug 2017

Boasts could expose culprits in decapitation of Australian dinosaur replicas

(Reuters) - Australian police on Tuesday said they expected the individuals who decapitated three dinosaur replicas at a museum to boast about their trophies to friends, so bringing about their own exposure.

7 Aug 2017

Cooked It tops pecking order in real life Chicken Run

BONSALL, England (Reuters) - While pundits often say some of the best runners can fly, one group of competitors gathered in England's Peak District really did have wings and feathers.

5 Aug 2017

Gone fishing: Russia's Putin bares chest on Siberian lake trip

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin stripped to his waist to brave the cold waters of a mountain lake as part of a three-day fishing and hunting trip in the Siberian wilderness, the Kremlin said.

4 Aug 2017

Hogwarts comes to Hunan: Chinese officials sacked for casting spells

BEIJING (Reuters) - Two Chinese officials have been sacked for involvement in "superstitious activities", including casting spells to aid promotions and attending geomancy courses under the guise of business trips, state media said on Friday.

2 Aug 2017

'Flying Spaghetti Monster' church told no advertising

BERLIN (Reuters) - The ant-religion Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster can be banned from advertising its services on the outskirts of town, a German state court ruled on Wednesday.

2 Aug 2017

Man rescued in toy dinghy one mile off English coast

LONDON (Reuters) - A carefree sailor has been rescued from his toy dinghy one mile (1.6km) off the coast of Redcar in north east England after being dragged out to sea by strong currents.

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